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20 Selebriti Wanita Tercantik Sedunia

20 Selebriti Wanita Tercantik Seduniafrom Zona Orang Gilaby (Ronney) 20. Eva Mendes19. Katie Holmes18. Rosario Dawson17. Alessandra Ambrosio16. Jessica Alba15. Bar Rafaeli14. Aishwarya Rai13. Penelope Cruz12. Rihanna

Meriam Karbit Terbesar Dari Sungai Kapuas

Meriam Karbit Terbesar Dari Sungai Kapuasfrom koran terbaru - berita seputar indonesiaby Jonathan Simamora Sungai Kapuas adalah jalur transportasi air yang semakin lama menjadi kebanggaan tersendiri bagi masyarakat kota Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat. Melalui perhatian
yang serius dari pemerintah dan masyarakat setempat, kini sungai Kapuas menjadi suatu bagian objek wisata andalan kota Pontianak yang banyak dikunjungi oleh wisatawan lokal maupun mancanegara. Salah satu objek wisata yang sangat menarik minat ribuan pengunjung baik lokal maupun mancanegara adalah permainan MERIAM KARBIT yang diadakan setiap tahun di tepian sungai Kapuas yang bertepatan dengan Hari Raya Idul Fitri dan terdapat ratusan meriam karbit sepanjang Sungai Kapuas.. Sejarah Permainan MERIAM KARBIT merupakan suatu tradisi dan budaya masyarakat tepian sungai Kapuas secara turun-menurun yang dimainkan oleh anak-anak dan orang dewasa. Tradisi MERIAM KARBIT ini terkait dengan sejarah berdirinya Kota Pontian…

Dukun Atau Tukang Jahit ?

Dukun Atau Tukang Jahit ?from tjah jaranan Go_blogby Blog tjah jaranan Sesuai dengan judul postingan saya kali ini, saya bingung ketika melihat gambar di bawah ini :

Spoiler untuk bukti

Itu dukun Atau tukang jahit??

Heboh! Badai Setan Terekam Di Mars

Heboh! Badai Setan Terekam Di Marsfrom Anam78.Blogspotby anam78 Setelah hampir enam tahun, wahana Opportunity milik Badan Antariksa Amerika Serikat (NASA) menjelajahi planet Mars. Pertamakalinya, wahana ini merekam badai debu 'setan' sejak enam tahun lalu. Seperti dilansir, gambar yang ditampilkan Opportunity tidak seperti rekaman gambar yang ditampilkan robot kembar Spirit. Opportunity memperlihatkan formasi angin seperti tornado dengan jelas. Gambar badai debu 'setan' itu berulang kali terekam. Gambar badai itu diambil pada 15 Juli dengan menggunakan kamera panorama bertiang yang juga biasa digunakan di pegunungan. Opportunity berhasil mengambil gambar badai berikut dengan kolom ketinggian anginnya yang berpilin.

"Ini adalah gambar pertamah badan setan yang dikirim Opportunity," kata Mark Lemmon dari Universitas A&M Texas, yang juga anggota tim penjelajah.

Opportunity mengambil gambar ketika melihat badai itu di sekitar t…

discovered the ship sank 150 years in the polar

discovered the ship sank 150 years in the polarfrom TEGAL ONLINE BLOGby CAH YOMAN An artist's impression of HMS Erebus, trapped in Arctic ice

Search vessel Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin's missing in the northernmost region of Earth 150 years ago archaeologists found Canada.

Ships named HMS Investigator was abandoned in 1853 because of trapped ice while the second mission to find Franklin and his expedition team.

Franklin and all the team members lost while sailing north to Canada in 1845. The mission team was in an effort to find a trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific through the Arctic Ocean or the "Northwest Passage".

Sir John Franklin, WHO led the ill-fated Northwest Passage Expedition Lost: The British Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin

Franklin search ships found this week in the shallow waters in the Gulf of Mercy, the sea west of Canada, by a researcher from Parks Canada.

As quoted from the pages of The Daily Telegraph, July 30, 2010 ed…

REGION South China Sea dispute and the U.S. Emergency

REGION South China Sea dispute and the U.S. Emergencyfrom MAJU INDONESIA KUby admin
Statement of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a forum meeting security concerns 27 countries, the ASEAN Regional Forum, mid-July, about the need for immediate settlement of the South China Sea territorial dispute, immediately get a strong reaction from the Government of China.

Moreover, China's navy also warned the United States (U.S.) in order to shift the sea military exercises with South Korea from the Yellow Sea because it was considered too close to China's sovereign territory.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen said the aggressive behavior of China's claims on territory in the Pacific and Indian Ocean to the attention of U.S. and also India. "China seems increasingly asserts itself more and more strongly associated with the claim area. They seem to take a much more aggressive approach in recent years to areas near the South China Sea, "he said.


Sarko Air One, a new luxury Sarkozy

Sarko Air One, a new luxury Sarkozyfrom MAJU INDONESIA KUby admin Aircraft Air Sarko Kerpresidenan Pracis One (Photo:

Paris - French President Nicolas Sarkozy has long been craving such presidential aircraft owned by the President of the United States, Air Force One. Sarkozy's dream come true and now the French press called him "Sarko Air One".

Aircraft worth nearly 200 million euros (more than Rp2 trillion) is a special edition of the A330-200, complete with bedroom, air filter system so that Sarkozy can smoke a cigar during the flight, and bathroom with shower. The aircraft was tested in Bordeaux until October.

Besides luxury, the aircraft provides a meeting room for 12 people, 60 business class seats, and equipped with missile weapons systems. Similarly reported on Saturday (31 / 7).

Earlier, Sarkozy several times to complain about Airbus A319s which he used as a presidential aircraft. He compares with the Boeing…

[Meditations] Beautiful Flowers In The Broken Pot

[Meditations] Beautiful Flowers In The Broken Potfrom Selamat Datang Di Zona Pencarianby (Azmi Cole Jr.)
On a day disebuah inn located across from the hospital, there came a man who was short and has a defect in the face. He intends to stay for one night because tomorrow he will be in operation at the hospital across from the inn.
At the doors ketuknya inn, the innkeeper came out and opened the door. This man is asking the purpose of his arrival, he also told me that no matter if he slept on the couch alone.
This guy was so hoping to get a room at this inn, she has been in decline in some previous lodging due to body posture and face defects. But this time, he managed to get a room at the inn.
At nightfall, the landlord went into the men's room and started to talk capable. It turns out this guy spoke very good at, he told me that he has two daughters. He also talked about his life.
His next morning even this guy checked out and crossed to the hospit…

Construction of cages for laying hens

Construction of cages for laying hensfrom CENTRAL UNGGAS FARMby Iwan Setiawan Barn building construction kaitanya closely with the effort or determination setting height and width of the cage, length, shape roof, wall and floor model, which is aligned with environmental conditions or local climate. All the above factors is set in such a way to create comfort.

Chickens will feel comfortable when the ambient temperature within the range between 18-24 degrees centigrade. In this case, the chicken will not feel too hot or kediinginan. Indeed in our country ii, cold temperature is not a problem, the problem is too high a temperature. If the ambient temperature rises to above 29 degrees centigrade, the chicken was uncomfortable. Inconvenience chickens are shown in their behavior, such as chicken gasping with open mouth, the wings are often stretched and sebgainya. However, the increase temperature to 27 degrees centigrade, the chicken was still able to adapt well.

To get a good…


FOTO ANEH INI ASLI BUKAN HASIL EDITAN !!from All Misteryby animator freak
Badai Gurun diambil dari sebuah badai gurun Di Iraq tahun 2005 silam

Sarang Laba-Laba, beberapa juta laba-laba yang membangun sarang di tempat berdekatan

karya artis dengan menggunakan teknik arborsculptur terhadap tumbuh-tumbuhan, mirip seperti teknik bonsai mungkin

COVER MAJALAH “LIVE” pada tahun 1965. foto jabang bayi yang pertama kali di ambil oleh endoscope

awan mammatus

teka-teki silang raksasa gedung setinggi 100 kaki ini nyata terdapat di Ukraina

Truk Overload

. keajaiban alam berupa formasi batuan di Arizona

diambil di Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, merupakan lautan garam dangkal terbesar di seluruh dunia

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