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Proses Penyelamatan Gajah Paling Unik Aneh Dramatis di Dunia

The lives of these two elephants, a baby and its mother, could have ended if workers from South Laungwa Conservation Society didn’t try to help and free the trapped animals.

Conservation workers mostly leave nature to fend for itself. However, they couldn’t stay indifferent when an elephant and its baby got stuck in a mud lagoon. The elephant herd tried to rescue the pair but failed.

Thus workers slipped a rope under the calf’s trunk and pulled it free. It was a hard work as the baby didn’t want to leave its mother in the mud and even got stuck in the lagoon for the second time to make rescuers’ work even more complicated.

When the calf finally ran towards other elephants, workers tied the mother to a tractor and helped her make her way to freedom as well.

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